Friday, April 17, 2015

My Ispiration

Do you know how Curt Carstens grew up? Or what his definition of success is? How about what he would change about his life? You can learn these things and much more if you read this essay.
         Curt Carstens is my dad.  He grew up on a farm. My grandpa milked cows and my dad did chores around the farm. One time, a cow kicked my dad.  Another time, a pig chewed off his boot! But don’t think he had to do all the chores on his own.  He has five siblings, four brothers and one sister.
         My dad’s definition of success is to be surrounded by people who love you. A strong supportive family is what he wants in life and that’s what he has. His siblings and closer family (aka my mom and me) are very supportive.
         If my dad could change anything in his life, he wouldn’t do anything different. His life defines who he is and he is proud and glad of who he’s become. Meeting my mom, having me, and anything else he has done in his life.
         My dad inspires me because he is hard working and very patient. And the fact that he works so hard and gives up what he wants to do to support our family inspires me. I’m glad I have a dad like him.  He sets an example for me.  When I have kids, I want to be a dad just like him.  


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