Friday, August 29, 2014

bedroom story

       Here is my room. On my door there is a shoe hanger full of shoes six sizes ago, only four out of twenty pairs fit me. Then to the right there is my closet with its double doors, stuffed with clothes and my dresser. Plus there’s my suitcase and boxes of old clothes from when I was a baby.  It’s so stuffed full of things that it’s like a game of Jenga. Pull out one wrong piece and it all comes toppling down. Then behind you when your done with the closet is the glorious bunk bed. I know what you’re thinking: an only child, why two beds? Well I do use the other bed.  I put stuff on it and when my cousins come over that’s where one of them sleeps.  And honestly, I think my parents planned to have another kid but didn’t.

On the opposite wall from my bunk bed is the dangerous towering wall of shelves. Also known as the wall of memories. It’s got all my old toys on it and McDonalds figures from years past. They’re so heavy and unbalanced that they could topple at any moment. Then there’s all the stuffed animals hoarded over the years. Let’s see there’s Tiger, Ted, Little George, Moosey and they all have a special meaning to me.  Ted comforted me in the early days. Tiger calmed me and my dad down when my grandparents died.  Little George reminds me to have fun. Moosey keep me company on the cold nights.  And there are many more and they’re all special.  Now that I’m older there are other things that are important to me like books.  Then there are pillars of books and magazines: Myths, History, Boys Life and National Geographic.  All of these things are special to me and I hold I am rich beyond measure.