Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nebraska List Poem
Favorite Food: Corn and Beef
People: Nice and Friendly
Favorite Sport: Football
Many great parks
Lively grasslands
Great place to live and grow
So much more than flat grasslands

Concrete Poem

My life in a book
Full of surprises 
Sad {sometimes}
Many pages and chapters
Full of words

Persona Poem

I am a Marker

Me and my friends serve you 
We're always there
And we are willing to do it but
It's really uncomfortable when we get
Decapitated every time we get used
But we are good to the very end
Next time you use a marker
Think of us as more than a marker

Monday, December 8, 2014

Found Poem

Bright beacon for freedom
Powerful and prepared
Cannot dent steel of American resolve
Peace and security in the world
Stand together to win the war
Untie in our resolve for justice and for peace
Remain strong
Never forget this day
Defend freedom

The words for this poem came from George W Bushes 9/11 speech

By: Samuel

Acrostic Poem

Acrostic Poem

Fun and fancy free
Aunts and Uncles
Mom and Dad
Interesting cousins
Laugh out loud funny
Year round support team

By: Samuel

Monday, November 24, 2014



Togetherness.  It basically shaped the way I am today.  I have lived in a very tight family were we have always have each other’s backs.  Even though we’ve had our differences and come apart sometimes.  Like when Tashi and that one girl had to go down the mountain.  So I think that togetherness is important in not only my life but also everyone’s.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My movie Samuelc

Three things I learned form this assignment are:

1. I learned how to use iMovie.

2. I learned that Quick Time existed.

3. I learned to hand my work in on time.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot day is the best. We got to design our own dot's. My dot is seriously cool so is every one's else's. I might not be able to draw but I can color.  Then we got to look at our dots in 3-D. That was pretty cool, I like multiy colored things so thats what my dot is.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Unforgettable School Day
The moment my parents said those four little words I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Because those four little words and the things they meant would change my life forever. They might have changed my life forever, but not always in the best way. The pain, the stress, the list goes on; and this is how it all went down.
It began with those four little words around the kitchen table. We’re going to move. I didn’t like it at all but it happened. I didn’t like the town or the house. Or the school, yeesh. Anything for that matter. Then there was the moment I stepped into the room. When I walked in there they all just stared at me. I mostly recall blank faces because I started late.
When I got a seat and sat down, Mrs. Langan asked me to introduce myself. So I said my name and what I liked. Then she asked the other kids to do the same. And they did but bluntly like they where just adding another name to the list. The tour of the room was next. Most of the things that my old school had weren’t there. But then again, the computers and some other things were new to me.
Next, I was assigned a buddy witch I think was Braxton. During the day he introduced me to the specials teachers. He also showed me where the bathrooms and other grade classrooms were located.  I noticed throughout the day that other than Braxton, the other kids ignored me. I wasn’t exactly expecting that because at my old school new kids where talked about and to.
Well it all kinda defined the way I went went through most of elementary. 2nd-4th grade I was ignored mostly. Then in 5th grade I did something to make people notice me. I don’t know what it was but it worked. That is my unforgettable school day.

Friday, August 29, 2014

bedroom story

       Here is my room. On my door there is a shoe hanger full of shoes six sizes ago, only four out of twenty pairs fit me. Then to the right there is my closet with its double doors, stuffed with clothes and my dresser. Plus there’s my suitcase and boxes of old clothes from when I was a baby.  It’s so stuffed full of things that it’s like a game of Jenga. Pull out one wrong piece and it all comes toppling down. Then behind you when your done with the closet is the glorious bunk bed. I know what you’re thinking: an only child, why two beds? Well I do use the other bed.  I put stuff on it and when my cousins come over that’s where one of them sleeps.  And honestly, I think my parents planned to have another kid but didn’t.

On the opposite wall from my bunk bed is the dangerous towering wall of shelves. Also known as the wall of memories. It’s got all my old toys on it and McDonalds figures from years past. They’re so heavy and unbalanced that they could topple at any moment. Then there’s all the stuffed animals hoarded over the years. Let’s see there’s Tiger, Ted, Little George, Moosey and they all have a special meaning to me.  Ted comforted me in the early days. Tiger calmed me and my dad down when my grandparents died.  Little George reminds me to have fun. Moosey keep me company on the cold nights.  And there are many more and they’re all special.  Now that I’m older there are other things that are important to me like books.  Then there are pillars of books and magazines: Myths, History, Boys Life and National Geographic.  All of these things are special to me and I hold I am rich beyond measure.