Thursday, May 14, 2015

My adventure story Authors note

My story was about a guy named John and a few other people surviving a zombie apocalypse. We made it by creating an outline in Google docs then putting it on Keynote. I think that even though it was tough it turned out good and I liked that we could choose how the story ended.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Ispiration

Do you know how Curt Carstens grew up? Or what his definition of success is? How about what he would change about his life? You can learn these things and much more if you read this essay.
         Curt Carstens is my dad.  He grew up on a farm. My grandpa milked cows and my dad did chores around the farm. One time, a cow kicked my dad.  Another time, a pig chewed off his boot! But don’t think he had to do all the chores on his own.  He has five siblings, four brothers and one sister.
         My dad’s definition of success is to be surrounded by people who love you. A strong supportive family is what he wants in life and that’s what he has. His siblings and closer family (aka my mom and me) are very supportive.
         If my dad could change anything in his life, he wouldn’t do anything different. His life defines who he is and he is proud and glad of who he’s become. Meeting my mom, having me, and anything else he has done in his life.
         My dad inspires me because he is hard working and very patient. And the fact that he works so hard and gives up what he wants to do to support our family inspires me. I’m glad I have a dad like him.  He sets an example for me.  When I have kids, I want to be a dad just like him.  


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Rome is a great and magnificent city. That alone is just one of the reasons you should visit Rome. The other reasons are the wonderful people, historic sites and the flavorful food.  Those three things are what I’m going to talk to you about.
         The people in Rome speak Italian so you may need to learn some or hire a translator. But most people also speak a little English so it’s not vital that you learn Italian. Italians take their fashion very seriously and many like to dress in dramatic black.  For example, almost $900 American dollars for a pair of Italian designer sandals! When Italians wake up in the morning they don’t have a big coffee Americano-they have little shots of espresso, which is basically pure caffeine. Italians normally eat lunch later in the day like at 3:00 p.m. and then 8:00 p.m. for dinner. Here’s a fun Italian fact: they don’t put ice in their drinks! Most Italians make a living in commerce and politics. Tourism is a big part of the economy. Throughout the country, Italians enjoy soccer. Children like to play in the streets so you’ll need something nimble like a moped.  The moped is one of the most popular forms of transportation.
Oh the places you’ll see, the places you’ll go. Rome is filled with marvelous works of architecture dating from ancient times to the renaissance era. You can’t miss the Pantheon! It is one of the most popular places to visit in Rome. And don’t forget the Coliseum where the gladiators used to fight for the Romans entertainment. Are you a bit religious? Then there is no way you would miss the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica. Or are you one of those people who depends on luck? Then the Trevi Fountain is for you. It is said that if you toss a coin backwards into the fountain you’ll have good luck. Have you heard of Spanish Steps in Italy? The famous steps were built  to commemorate Rome’s conquests in Spain in ancient times.  Next on the visit list might be the Forum.  It might be reduced to a few columns but there is a great deal of history here. This is where the Roman senate met to decide the city and empire’s fate. Sadly during riots of the citizens, the Forum was burned down in ancient Rome.
As I mentioned earlier, tourism is a major part of the economy. And what do tourist need? Food! Restaurants play an important role in Italy’s economy. Pasta, pizza, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti and canolli are offered if you’re hungry for local food.  Be prepared because true Italian pizza has less cheese and the dough is flatter than what Americans expect. However, if you are feeling homesick for a good old fashion burger, then you can probably find something. And don’t worry; they’ll put ice in your drink if you ask!
Rome is a great city with over a thousand years of history within its walls. The people are amazing, there are great and wonderful places to go, and the food options are limitless. So trust me when I say you should go to Rome!    


Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I want to go to college

Why I Want To Go To College
By: Samuel Carstens 
From: O’Neill, Nebraska 

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a little kid? The earliest memory I have of what I wanted to be was a police officer.  Next, I wanted to be a manager like my dad.  After that I thought maybe I’d be a pro football player.  Lately, I think I would like to be a veterinarian.  At the moment I can’t decide what I want to be; but the professional football player is out of the window and after seeing how many hours my dad has to work, I’m not sure about the manager job.  So I’m pretty sure I want to be a vet.  However I realize that may change too.  For example, my mom always wanted to be a teacher and she now she’s a banker. Well, whatever I decide to do, I’ll need college to help me get there.

Since I’ve recently narrowed my goal to becoming a vet, you might guess that I want to work animals.   I love everything and anything about them.  But there is also that police officer idea.  I want to help people and make the world a better and safer place.  I feel a good way to do that is through law enforcement.  I know it’s dangerous but thats the point of being a policeman.  An officer will go towards danger when others run away. 

I want to have a successful life so that when I retire I can buy a nice quiet house in the mountains and live the rest of my life in peace.  But I can’t do anything like that without college.  Education is the most important thing in your life.  It determines everything.  Whether you will become the person you always wanted to be or the exact opposite depends on your education and how you use it.  If you have a college degree, you can get a great job and live a happy life with plenty of money and maybe a loving wife and kids.  Without a college degree, life can be much more difficult.  Job and career opportunities may not be very satisfying or pay as well.  And if I didn't have a college degree and training, I’m pretty sure someone is not going to give me an officer’s uniform or let me operate on their cat.

  Another reason for me to go to college is that education is a family priority.  Nearly all of my family has attended college. For example, my mom always talks about how going to college is  important and so I asked why she had that opinion.  She said college expands your horizons and you get to meet different people and learn to appreciate their culture.  Of course  college will also you give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and prepare for a profession.  Additional leadership responsibilities are also a good reason to go to college.  The social life and building lifelong friendships are a fringe benefit of college.  One of my mom’s roommates is still a close friend. 

Well, that is why I want to go to college.  Oh and in case you didn’t know, I plan to go to UNL.  I already have a college savings account and am getting prepared.  So it’s OK if I don’t win this contest because I already knew college was important.  And that is the end of my story.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nebraska List Poem
Favorite Food: Corn and Beef
People: Nice and Friendly
Favorite Sport: Football
Many great parks
Lively grasslands
Great place to live and grow
So much more than flat grasslands

Concrete Poem

My life in a book
Full of surprises 
Sad {sometimes}
Many pages and chapters
Full of words